US Dollar in the short term, the tendency to the growth of stores

Below you will find a technical analysis of seven major currency pairs at the current week:


1-st Level Support – 111,70 (important)

1. Stage of resistance – 118,50 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 107,40 (moderate)

2. Stage of resistance – 121,75 (moderate)

The pair is still trading below the first target, brand growth 118,50, but on the ascending moving average of 20 days, which is significantly above the moving average 50 days, the area refers to the capacity of the growth of the pair. The RSI is well above the neutral level of 50 and indicates positive signals. The growth of higher 118,50 нацелит a few to a maximum of December 2015 121,75.


1-st Level Support – 1,0280 (moderate)

1. Stage of resistance – 1,0850 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 1,0000 (moderate)

2. Stage of resistance – 1,1150 (important)

The pair rebounded from the achieved 20. December 1,0350 level, where until then, only in January 2003. Form a bearish structure of lower highs, with the GBP below the moving average 20 days to 1,0543. The RSI is below the neutral level of 50, to him, the positive Momentum is missing. In spite of the fact that the current technical recovery of the pair to be continued, it is limited. The first objective, the reduction of the vapors is located at 1,0280, and the second – to 1,0000.


1-st Level Support – 0,7150 (moderate)

1. Stage of resistance – 0,7390 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 0,6920 (moderate)

2. Stage of resistance – 0,7530 (moderate)

To reduce break down descending triangle in GBP with a tendency. Its decline accelerated after approaching the lower Bollinger Band. Descending moving averages for 20 and 50 days and the RSI point to a negative trading week. The breakthrough of the first objective, the reduction of the 0,7150 нацелит on a couple of 0,6920.


1-st Level Support – 0,6780 (secondary)

1. Stage of resistance – 0,7250 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 0,6670 (moderate)

2. Stage of resistance – 0,7400 (important)

The downwardly moving averages for 20 and 50 days, the couple keeps the tendency to decrease. The RSI is near the oversold 30, which means that no pairs of the positive Momentum. This means, to reduce that in the short term, steam retain the inclination. While key resistance 0,7250, the pair opened the way to a decrease of up to 0,6780 and 0,6670.


1-st Level Support – 1,1940 (important)

1. Stage of resistance – 1,2900 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 1,1670 (moderate)

2. Stage of resistance – 1,3500 (important)

The couple has below bearish flag and the moving averages for 20 and 50 days, which determines their negative Outlook. The index of the relative force of negative signals. Short-term prospects pairs negative. As long as the couple has not to the top level 1,2900, it can test the strength of at least 7. October 1,1940. Bullish scenario is possible only if the growth is higher 1,2900.


1-st Level Support – 1,0000 (important)

1. Stage of resistance – 1,0500 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 0,9820 (moderate)

2. Stage of resistance – 1,0650 (moderate)

With the support of the moving averages for 20 and 50 days couple of a strong recovery. The break of the key resistance 1,0000 a positive Signal, some way 1,0500, and the level of 1,0000 has become important support. The relative strength remains above the Level 50. Not yet support 1,000 broken, some way opened to 1,0500. A break below 1.0000 is makes the trading week negative, нацелив on 0,9820, and 0,9650.


1-st Level Support – 1,3280 (important)

1. Stage of resistance – 1,3830 (important)

2-ND-Level-Support – 1,3050 (important)

2. Stage of resistance – 1,4160 (moderate)

The couple has, according to the above moving averages for 20 and 50 days and is approaching the upper Bollinger Band. Expectations of an acceleration in the pair. Ascending trend line from may not be broken. The relative strength of the positive signals above the neutral level of 50. As long as the GBP-mentioned support area 1,3280, it opened the way for the rise to 1,3830.

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