Trading ideas for the EUR/GBP 25.12.2015

After fixing above the level of the Balance. December steam continue to rise. This suggests to Test the October high in the medium term. Return to the level of the Balance can give the opportunity to once again get you great prices for the purchase of a tool.

The medium-term Plan.

After the pair continued the upward movement and punched the high of the last week, 0.7305, this marker was determined to support, Test the points to a continuation of growth. If the couple is able, to hold about the extreme the past week, the growth continued, and the next goal will be a Maximum of October 0.7492. The achievement of this level will be the closing down of the greater part of the purchases to the case of the emergence of a big deal and the search for разворотного Pattern with the goal of reducing by 2-3% and the formation of the prison models to the last climb of the couple.

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An alternative model is the development in the case, if the pair is able to break through and a foot below the level of 0.7305. This leads to the formation of the prison models to the current growth and the return to the level of the Balance. December.Intraday Plan.The decline of the environment, coupled reach fluorescent-KZ 0.7333-0.7323. This Zone has as a support and attachment below, it is not happening. This speaks for a continuation of the growth of pairs, where the first goal will be the Maximum of the current week. For the breach of the ascending structure and the continuation of the drop is required, the sample and the fastening down fluorescent-KZ. The aim of the reduction is weeks KS 0.7250-0.7231. The movement is in the Phase of the medium-term the apartment where the gunstigste prices for the purchase in the weekly short circuit.

You can see the complete picture

Days, short – day Control area. The area formed interest rate for this Instrument at the present day.

Weeks, short weeks-Control area. The Zone, the important markings Futures market, which has become once a quarter.

Month-to-month, short – circuit month-to-month Control area. The Zone, which is formed at the beginning of the new contract. Is Relevant to the whole of the current contract.

The height of the Balance level, the determination of the upper and lower monthly zones of control. Is revealing the in the definition of the medium term Trends.

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Analyst: Sergey Митюков
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