Technical analysis and forecast FOREX USD/CAD 28.12.2015

USD canadian dollar usd/cad and the graph of the ruble has gone into a correction. At the moment we expect a new attempt to increase the value of the dollar against the loonie in the framework of the rebound from the support area on the RSI indicator. As you can see, the value of the RSI indicator are moving in the upward channel and is now testing the lower boundary, hence the expected rebound. The overall goal of growth can be an area on the level above the local maximum. The cancellation option will break through the level of 1.3820.

Technical analysis and forecast FOREX USD/CAD 28.12.2015

Thus, Technical analysis and FOREX forecast USD/CAD at 28.12.2015 involves an attempt to increase within the rebound from lower border at the RSI with the target in the 1.40 area.


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