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Yesterday, during the session, only on the section of the Moscow stock exchange the Dollar exchange rate fell to 1,4168 rubles and was 69,5165 rubles for a Dollar.

For the sake of Fairness it should be noted that already in the second half of the day, the Dollar rose again above the mark of 70 euros, although the oil дорожала. It was a consequence of the excessive demand for rubles on Wednesday, when the speculators sold the Dollar on the background of the rising cost of oil. The ruble was strong перекупленным, so that on the market there was a correction. Neither the investment period, no stable oil price could not prevent.

Today, due to the celebration of Christmas in Europe and the United States, the auction for a few dollars/rubles is in the range 69,5180 – 71,0830, with lateral movement.

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