GBP/USD m30. The development of the movement in the period 16_17 August 2016 analysis of APLs & ZUP

Operational scale SubMinuette (m30)

Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar

The development of the movement of the prices of the tool (GBP/USD) in the period 16_17 August 2016 is due to the reappraisal of the limits of the Zone of equilibrium (1.2940 <-> 1.2965 <-> 1.2985) Wiel operational scale Micro.

The marking of the processing of the above-mentioned levels of lines, forks operational scale Micro , presented on the graph.

Perspective (1) ->

the breakdown of the top border ISL61.8 (1.2985) of the Zone of equilibrium fork operational scale Micro -> build movements GBP/USD to the borders of the channel 1/2 Median Line (1.3005 <-> 1.3050 <-> 1.3095) and the Zone of equilibrium (1.3080 <-> 1.3150 <-> 1.3215) Wiel operational scale SubMinuette, Details look on the Chart.

Perspective (2) ->

Punch the lower border ISL38.2 (1.2940) the Zone of equilibrium fork operational scale Micro -> resume the downward movement of the GBP/USD to the objectives -> channel 1/2 Median Line Micro (1.2915 <-> 1.2900 <-> 1.2885) <-> minimum 1.2865 <-> control line LTL SubMinuette (1.2850) <-> control line LTL Micro (1.2830) <-> Line preventive LWL38.2 SubMinuette (1.2770), the details of the work shown in the diagram.

You can see the complete image

A reversal of the price movement. How can I find him?

Webinar -> 18. August 2016 -> 20:00 instead

Materials for the study of the foundations of analysis ZUP & APL’s.

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