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  • Theresa May Pooler District Judge Miami-Dade County, Florida, recognized bitcoin merchant Michel Abner Espinoza innocent, justifying this by saying that bitcoin is impossible to count the money.
  • This solution can be of great importance for the Bitcoin status in the United States, because it creates a legal precedent. In any case bitkoynery been waiting for the final verdict in the case "United States v. Michel Espinosa Abner."
  • Espinosa, trader c LocalBitcoins, was arrested on 6 February 2014 and charged with illegal currency transactions and money laundering. He sold to the client, who was a secret police agent, bitcoins at $ 2,000 and going to make a deal for 30 thousand dollars when he was arrested. The agent told him that he was going to use to buy bitcoins stolen credit card numbers from the Russian criminals, but Espinosa did not refuse to conduct business with him.
  • Another trader LocalBitcoins, arrested at the same time, Pascal Reid, signed an agreement with the court, he pleaded guilty in the commission of illegal currency transactions and was sentenced to police supervision under the terms of an agreement pledging to train local police to use Bitcoin.
  • But Espinosa after a two-year process has been fully justified. And the main reason for this was the nature of Bitcoin. As the text of the judgment Teresa Mary Pooler
  • In short, the bitcoin - it's not money. Therefore, as stated in the judge's verdict, Espinosa could not be to blame for currency transactions and money laundering. Possible criminal intentions of the client and can not be imputed to the trader in guilt, the judge decided.
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  • During the last week the price of Bitcoin has continued to rise and the morning of Saturday, September 10, was fixed at around $ 625.
  • Recall, on Sunday, after a while Bitcoin was kept in the corridor between $ 570 - $ 580, the price cryptocurrency the first time since early August has overcome the psychological mark of $ 600.
  • Worries about the likely correction and return to previous levels is not confirmed: Bitcoin is not only entrenched in these marks, but also continued to rise further.
  • On Thursday, August 8 cryptocurrency has risen by 2%, and in some moments for Friday overcame the mark of $ 630. As of Saturday morning Bitcoin traded at around $ 625. Trading volumes at the same time, although they rose slightly, they remained generally relatively low. So, in the last 24 hours, the figure according Coinmarketcap $ 61,15 Mill. Market capitalization is estimated at $ 9.874 billion.
  • The commentary ForkLog kriptotreyder kriptotreydingovogo and founder of hedge fund Kelevra Cyrus talked about his vision of the current picture to date and the prospects verotyanyh Bitcoin Prospects for the medium:
  • "The growth of Bitcoin prices at the beginning of autumn after a month of consolidation was quite expected and due to several factors. Among these factors - positive news background, the beginning of the business activity of the season and the increased expectations of market participants price recovery after breaking major exchanges in early August. "
  • "To date, the course ran into the first technical level at around $ 630, but hit that mark, strong resistance is at $ 654, and if you manage to overcome this barrier - will open a new breath, which will help to pass the border of $ 700. Until the end of 2016 is likely to see one on sale for $ 1,000 Bitcoin "
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  • Webmoney payment system a few years ago announced the introduction of WMX - a special sign for the title Bitcoin. However, this mark could only be used for the exchange of bitcoins on the titular characters in other currencies. The company now offers the acceptance of payments in the WMX for goods and services in shops, working with Webmoney.
  • All customers, including non-members of WebMoney can now pay via bitcoins (BTC) for goods and services at authorized stores WebMoney Transfer system.
  • "WebMoney Transfer -.. International payment system and the environment for doing business in the network, founded in 1998. At the moment, the number of registrations in the system exceeds 32 million WebMoney Services allow you to automate the reception of funds and payments, raise funds, to keep records, exchange settlement funds resolve disputes and to make secure transactions. "

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    About Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin - a decentralized digital currency, which has no control over any government. This currency is based on the software with open source. Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin value increased from $ 2 to $ 300 in late 2014.
  • Bitcoins can be purchased for real money, or get in exchange for goods or services. Users can send and receive Bitcoins using software installed on a personal computer, a mobile device or through a special web interface.
  • Several properties of Bitcoin distinguish it from other kinds of digital and real-world currencies:
  • No central bank can not take away from Bitcoin users of the Internet.
  • Bitcoin-account can be opened in seconds. for opening such an account, the Commission is not charged
  • Bitcoin address allows for a greater degree of anonymity. Bitcoin accounts are not tied to the names, addresses and other personal data
  • Transfer fee Bitcoin much less a similar commission in banks
  • Bitcoin-translation can be done in seconds
  • Sent Bitcoin can not be returned to the account
  • All transactions are recorded in a public registry, which is called the block chain (Blockchain). Everyone can find in this register any operation, but will not know who is and who sent money - instead, he will see only the set of characters.
  • Bitcoin is not a currency in the usual sense of the word, although it is often called virtual currency, electronic money or cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not tied to the cost of precious metals is independent of oil prices and is determined solely by the market mechanism.
  • In the world the number of Bitcoins is limited - according to the current rules, the turnover can be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins. Thus, in contrast to conventional money, Bitcoin can not get any devaluation. Bitcoin economy, actively developing in the US, China and Europe and has several hundred companies worldwide. Among them - Dell, Microsoft, a major online shop Overstock, Store Memory Store computer equipment. The development of the economy, Bitcoin invest large businesses such as Virgin founder Richard Branson and Asia's richest man Li Ka-shing. Charitable donations in Bitcoins take such non-profit organizations like Wikipedia, the Red Cross and Greenpeace.
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    News Bitcoin

  • September - the traditional time of the beginning of studies around the world, and bitkoin- blokcheyn and organizations in North America will not stand aside from this event. Annual action on distribution of free Bitcoins students started in a number of regions of the United States and Canada.
  • This year a series of events under the title Bitcoin Airdrop will take place on college campuses in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa.
  • Students first visited by the local blokcheyn club, receive a gift a certain amount cryptocurrency, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with the process of creating a Bitcoin wallet, and implementation of the transaction.
  • The first such event in 2014 held MIT Bitcoin Club, previously collected from sponsors $ 500,000 in Bitcoins for distribution to students. In 2015, the event was held in Montreal, with the support of McGill Cryptocurrency Club.
  • This year, the efforts of non-profit organization Blockchain Education Network event will be more extensive and will cover a network of regional offices in major cities in North America.
  • How convinced the organizers, free distribution of Bitcoin gives students an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of the functioning of cryptocurrency.
  • Even if the student eventually sell coins obtained for free and get to them physical money in the process, he learns to practice how easy it is to work with Bitcoin.
  • Such people believe in Blockchain Education Network, will be more open to cryptocurrency, and will be more likely that he will want to use them as a payment instrument in the future.
  • Recall that in September, the Coursera site also launched a free course of lectures "Bitcoin and kriptovalyutnye technology"
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